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  1. thanks for the rep Jax
  2. thanks for the vote and rep Jax
  3. thanks for the rep Jax
  4. Thanks for voting to "Go Yurt"!
  5. thanks for the welcome back ... glad to be back, missed this place - you get addicted to it
  6. thanks for the rep
  7. Well, you know how hard it is to decide on these things. You have to pick something and sort of stick to it or you will never be able to vote. I always find it hard to vote because art is so subjective. It often just comes down to what a person decides to focus on for that day. I do like the fact that yours was different. Not everyone is able to think outside the box that way and I do appreciate that ability. I think sometimes I'm so far out the box people don't even know what I'm talking about, lol.
  8. thanks for the rep... and yes, it was more a map in time than in ... place
  9. Hi there friend
  10. thanks for the rep
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