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  1. Hi there, have been over to your blog. There is no activity in the last time. Any chance of a new map here on cartographers guild. I´m a fan
  2. Hah thank you ^^ , but being in an illustration program I get funny looks for always useing neat lines when i should be spraying paint XD

    And as far as making them clean I just use Photoshop -- every one has different line quality , I'm just anal about messy edges and like it all to be crisp and clean.
  3. Looked at your blog after you won the last challenge. Awesome. I can always imagine, but I can´t get it to paper without feeling like a complete idiot for just trying One thing I really like are the clean lines in your buildings. Nothing is out of place. How is that done? Ah.. forget it. Oneday I´ll get it. Good luck with "The city of Thesus".
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