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About Veluux

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About Veluux
Aspiring Author - USA
Genres: Mythos, Fantasy & Science Fiction

Currently working on a massive six book series (two 3 book trilogies that interlink) that transitions from a Fantasy Setting past into a Science Fiction future. The project is combining all major world mythos into one story origin.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Prologue:

"Take care my brothers. Do not let your feet carry you down the ever-breaking path into the Glimmerveil. The twisted stones are riddled with craven souls adorned in shadow and starlight; whose eyes are glazed with twilight dreams of the mimic sun. There they wander endlessly until they are swallowed up into the Deep Harrows - where no man knows his beginning from his end...”

"Go there, and you will see as I have seen - only then will you understand why I am before you now, marching headlong to the gates of death against odds unfathomable. For in death, my end is made - and a new beginning may be forged. Into the shadow of peril I run, that it may consume this faded husk of a man and search his heart for all that is not his; whom when willingly given up, may be awarded back.”

"Not by any will or deed of my own... but by the mercies of the Soaring Sea, whose tides demand a tithe of blood. For deep inside of me boils the seed of anarchy, planted before you or I were ever born - for even then we had sewn it inside ourselves, destined to reap it's promise of death and pay it's toll of pain.”

"To run from this final battle - this final call to arms - you would only join the forgotten ghosts of the Glimmerveil; and be shamed in your own cowardice! If you run, then leave now! Go join the misty-eyed ancients who have embraced their fears and discarded all truth and all causes but their own!"

"My heart beats for breaking, and longs for losing every tormented visage of this world! I will ride into the storm of war, and into fated promise. My bloody death will be an end well-deserved! But know that in defeat I will find victory - for my spirit has not shaken. I have given it to the unbreakable mountain, whose cup is ever full. One day the waters will burst forth from their heavenly seat, and cover these lands - washing away every blemish of despair and sealing the lost in a tomb of their own choosing.”

"Now be gone from me all you fools, to the endless void of the Glimmerveil or the waiting purchase of death - where we all must eventually find ourselves... in either honor or shame. For this final choice has always been your own to make - and so you have made it, before I ever called you to me.”

"To death we ride! To glory beyond, we hasten ourselves! May your purposed death be thunder in the ears of our enemies! May we quicken them to their chosen doom!"

- Last Rally of General Exolus - Captain of Twilight Elite, Guardian of the Shadowgate
Colorado, USA
Writing, Art, World Building, Creating interesting Plots and Characters, Expanding Tabletop Games
Professional Writer/Artist
Software Used:
Google Drive, MS Word/Excell, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator


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