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About Vicious the Jester
Since I was a small kid I've been fascinated by stories of Robin Hood, King Richard the Lionhearted, Charlemagne, Ivanhoe, The Three Musketeers and such. I picked up role-playing a bit when I was in high-school, but learned all I could about the medieval period of Europe. Since graduating from high school, I've gotten much more immersed in tabletop RPGs, joined the SCA (liked it), joined one of the greatest LARPs to ever exist (Adventures in Mid-Land), for a short time helped run one of the greatest LARPs to ever exist (see above), got married to one of the greatest women ever to exist, started a Dagorhir chapter (Winterfell) and created (and re-created) a website based on RPGs ( I've had other interests, but I always come back to my passion for things medieval and chivalrous. My interests in computers are probably the one thing that don't fit into my "fantasy world", although someday I'd like to create a virtual world that would be based on whichever gaming (tabletop RPG) world that I was currently using/running; something like a 1st person shooter, but fantasy themed (Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, but my setting...).
Rochester, NY
Tabletop Rpgs, Kingdoms of Novitas, Dagorhir, Paintball, Society for Creative Anachronism, Blacksmit
Remote Test Engineer
Software Used:, Photoshop (very little), GIMP (VERY Little), Campaign Cartographer (very little)


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