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ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION of the world. like other such projections here this has since been updated, with some coastlines changed.

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06-06-2012, 02:34 AM
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  1. Adolon
    Exactly how big (in pixels and dpi) is the image you're using with the projector? I'm interested in doing an atlas project much like yours and I feel like I need a good image size and dpi for the globe.
  2. vorropohaiah
    Actually the base image you import into g projector (the equirectangular one) cant be too big, i think about 72 dpi and 24 x 48", though the exported picture (like the one here) can be quite a bit bigger, though i tend to use it as a base to trace a far more detailed map in ps
  3. Adolon
    I was just curious about the dimensions of the rectangular image you're using to overlap the sphere. I'm just worried that the image I make won't have the resolution/dpi for good "globeness"--especially for one that is supposed to mirror Earth's size.
  4. vorropohaiah
    well the actual equirectangular map i use is a pretty big psd file, at 300 dpi and 24" x 48" though i have to convert it to a jpg and reduce it so i can import it into g projector. like is said im my previous reply, create the export, increase the size to whatever you wont, ignore the pixellation and create a new layer above it and trace the details onto the new layer. it might takea while but if you want a certain level of detail, i suggest doing that.
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