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  1. Hi again Zanan,

    Well there actually is a PM option here, though you need at least 10 (I think...) forum posts before you can access it. I just tired posting this with my email address attached, but apparently that is not permitted, so why don't I just give you the url for my Deviantart page. You can either leave me a message there, or, since my email is posted under my profile, just email me.


    Edit: apparently NO urls are allowed. Hm, well, in that case, perhaps the best thing to do (if you cannot yet PM me here) is just to PM me at my Obsidian Portal account and we can take it from there.
  2. Since there is no PM option about (for some reason), is there any chance to contact you directly (Obsidian Portal et al)? Cheers, Zanan!
  3. Hi Zanan,

    Thanks for the compliment. I created the Erind map for my own Pathfinder campaign setting.

  4. Heya arsheesh.

    Just out of interest, the Eriond map ... is this your own creation or actually some fantasy world of a novel or game et al? Looks very distinguished indeed.
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