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Thread: Mapping Contest: Win $100 of ProFantasy Products

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    Thanks Big Mac, We should start keeping a list. We're a little haphazard in the way we publicise the comps and it would be great to get more fantasy types interested in mapping to contribute.
    Thanks for the answer, Ravells.

    I'm not really any good at maps yet, but there are some keen map fans at The Piazza, especially in the Mystara forum. He is not too active at the moment, but there is a guy called Thorf who is widely respected as "the Mystara map expert". A lot of the other map fans at The Piazza have based their work on his research (which goes down to the level of identifying typefaces used on maps).

    I've bumped into the Cartographer's Guild a few times in the past, but not having done maps before, I just looked at the cool maps and surfed on. But if you had people here and on other forums, I think they could spread news of the specialist maps that related to those other forums. And I think you would get interest in the maps, even without competitions, because you have great maps here.

    (As well as The Piazza - which covers all D&D settings ever published - you could spread news of relevant maps to the likes of the Dragonlance Forums run by Dragonlance Nexus, the Candlekeep Forums and the Canonfire Forums.) I actually saw a really nice looking map of Toril earlier and I'm tempted to crosspost that one to The Piazza's Forgotten Realms forum, as we had someone who made something fairly similar.

    EDIT: BTW, over at The Piazza, the local moderators try to keep a sticky thread of useful links in each campaign setting subforum. So if you are looking for websites like Candlepower, you can go over and harvest lots of links there.
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    I would absolutely love to participate in more mapping competitions, and finding more people who might potentially by looking for mapping commissions. If anyone knows where I can look for either, I'd love to hear about it.

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    I agree with RE.
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