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Thread: The Goblins Stir: A Torn World Adventure

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    Just an FYI guys, we have the first review in and it's a stellar 4/5 stars from a distinguished reviewer: Peter Ingham

    Check it out:
    The Goblins Stir is the first adventure in the Shattered Blade saga set in the Torn World campaign setting. This is an introductory adventure for 1st level characters for the Pathfinder RPG, and takes place in the Shadow Vale region of the campaign setting. Here the PCs come together during uneasy peace talks between the various races of the Shadow Vale, and are thrust on a mission of vital importance as the goblins start making inroads into territory they have not been in for hundreds of years. This adventure can be played as part of the larger campaign setting or as a stand-alone adventure.

    The adventure is a 56 page pdf product. Production quality is very high, in particular some of the stunning artwork and the various maps. The product does an excellent job of providing everything a DM needs for the adventure, including more maps and artwork representations than are strictly required. I was impressed by this kind of quality in the first product from a new publisher, and I'm excited to see what future products are going to be like. Writing and editing is good - the author also has additional comments strewn across the adventure which makes for interesting takes on the designer's mind. The chapter format and overall layout is excellent, with encounters neatly presented with clear and concise rules and instructions for running them smoothly. Professional presentation and high quality.

    I enjoyed this adventure. It's logical and follows a well-defined path without being rail-roading. There's plenty of good combat to be had where tactics and thinking are required, as well as ample scope for fun roleplaying in a tense situation. Characters of all sorts will find this an enjoyable and challenging adventure. Here and there the adventure could've used a little more direction, particularly in the final parts where the adventure can be quite dangerous and it doesn't appear within the scope of the original adventure mission as given to the characters at the start. That said, it still makes for a fun part of the adventure, and will challenge the players and the DM to make a dynamic final part to the adventure. Wilderness travel and dungeon exploring can both be found - it fact, I'm willing to say that this adventure almost has a little bit of everything in it, and in that sense is very balanced.

    Overall, I think this is a good and balanced adventure - well constructed, good attention to detail, and something for everyone. It's not the most amazing plot in the world, although it's perhaps a little early to tell, and I wish this adventure had alluded a bit more to things in the future, particularly on the history and background of the Shattered Blade. Barring a few minor niggles, a good, fun romp that most GMs can play easily. I'm looking forward to the sequels to this adventure and other stuff to come from Torn World. Good adventure. - The Goblins Stir: A Torn World Adventure Reviews

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