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Thread: ghmaps open

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    Bravo! Bravo! Your maps and now site has made this Greyhawk fan very happy. Consider the site bookmarked.

    Paratime Design Cartography

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    That megamap is very nice! You might want to consider the new DeepZoom system that's part of the Silverlight 2 beta from MS. It's a tool that makes it pretty easy create a "level of detail" type of system that seamlessly shifts the viewer to higher and higher resolution maps as they zoom in. I use it on for my personal map (which is 12000 x 15000 pixels...but is copyrighted by someone else so I can't publish on the web.) The effect is very like Google Earth, but I found it easier to setup.

    Try it out using this software or on the Hard Rock Memorabilia site.

    But anyway, that's a very nice map. I look forward to seeing more!

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    Great Idea!

    I have looked at other tools to do something like it. But I haven't had the time to implement any of them on my site yet.

    But sooner or later I will give a makeover and make sure I present my work better.

    New things are on their way to my site and presented here on the guild forum this week. I have been hard at work mapping and finnaly it's beginning to be ready to present

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