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Thread: I had Kale for dinner and heres the high def photos to prove it.

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    Here is a test I made during lunch...not much to look at and I was mainly testing out various tools with it and layer stuff but hey, I think it'll work great. Remember, I'm a still a bit of a noob with Gimp and this is just a quickie.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails I had Kale for dinner and heres the high def photos to prove it.-kalewoodtest..png  
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    Well done texturers. Heres my stab at something with 20 mins spare tonight even tho I am supposed to be doing something else but that's boring...

    I made it seamless using my seamless tut technique - search for that if you think you need to (plug plug heh!) and flattened it with my filter which is now a gimp plugin thanks to RobA known as the Redrobes High Pass filter for which I am duly proud LOL

    Its still not trees but were getting there. Maybe with many pseudo tree textures I will make it otherwise I will have to build a kite and nail a camera to it. But for the time being try this one.

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