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Thread: Hand drawn top down mountains

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    Default Hand drawn top down mountains

    I'm trying to find more references for bird's eye views of mountains. The advantage of them is that you can draw features on either side of the peak. The disadvantage is that they're a lot harder to draw convincingly.

    So far I've found:

    This tutorial by Torstan

    And I've seen Mike Schley do several maps with this view.
    The Silver Marches and Vassa

    Anyone know of any other good examples?

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    That makes fantastic mountains, Ravells!

    Here are a couple of variants of top-down mountains I've made. The colorful one is old, very old… And the other one is quite abstract… but maybe they can give some ideas at least
    Hand drawn top down mountains-besseggen2.jpgHand drawn top down mountains-josephs-map-2-1500px-.jpg
    (Place names in the Tri-State Wasteland map are © World's End Publishing)

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