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Thread: Old Russian Tree and Forest Symbols

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    Forgot that I needed to finish this...

    Here is the rest:

    Map 5 inside

    • Plantations of big forest
    • Plantations of small (probably in size and quantity) forest
    • Mixed forest
    • Bushes
    • Swamp with forest

    Map 6

    • Swamp
    • Firry on wet ground
    • Firry on dry ground
    • Birch forest between firry

    Firry – Any tree with needlelike leaves

    Map 7

    (Starting at the top)

    Above each picture - Dry Ground
    Below each picture - Wet Ground

    Descriptions to the right:

    • Mixed forest, scotch fir, fir-tree, birch, aspen
    • Mostly Spruce and Scotch Fir
    • Greenwood i.e. birch, aspen, lime timber
    • Mixed bushes, hay here and there

    Map 8

    • Cut logging, replaced by young forest
    • Mixed pinewood, sparse oak or birch trees
    • Forest tract dominated by short oak, birch and aspen trees mixed with old pine trees.


    Pine - Oak - Birch - Aspen
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    I think that link is awesome I love seeing how people/groups develop different ways to stylize and represent terrain on maps.

    Me, I'm looking for a good way to draw a forested mountain range, that doesn't clash and is maybe a little more than mountains painted green. :B

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