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Thread: Google SketchUP......

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    Post Update.....

    Looks like Nonethewiser is at it again. He just posted pics for Castle Whitefang from DCC 26--The Scaly God. The images bring back strong memories of the mountain keep from the 1st edition AD&D UK module The Gauntlet.

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    Link None the Wiser's Stab at the Sunken Ziggurat

    Thanks Thebax2k for redirecting me to None the Wiser's work on the Good Games forum.

    A 3-D Dungeon that is truly inspiring. None the Wiser's work is simply incredible.

    How much fun would it be to run your players through that a 3-D adventure like that. I use a projector to project my maps onto our gaming table and this would make my efforts to render a 3-D space a worth while endeavor. (Particularly for recurring locales such as the PC's base of operations)

    Additionally, Sketchup has the abilities to set up scenes (specifically saved 1st person perspectives) which would save a GM valuable game time. Thus saving a GM the trouble of maneuvering camera perspectives during play.
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    Wow! That new sketchup is amazing!! This guy truly has skills!

    Thanks for the link, thebax2k!
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    The author of "Sketch-up for Dummies" has a web site with links to video tutorials that go with the chapters from the book:

    -Rob A>

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