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Thread: World of Milosha

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    Started naming some of the rivers and other land areas. Think in time I will be redoing the way everything is named. Just don't like the look/feel that it currently has.

    I also created my own version of the longitude and latitude lines. I know that they are not perfect but think they came out ok. I created it in CorelDraw and saved it as a .png. I had to erase the parts that went across the land. Don't ask why put several of my layers are way out of order. RobA would throw something at his computer if he had to look at the .xcf file for my map, its a huge mess, and done with many Allan created shortcuts because I couldn't figure out what the hell i was doing. lol

    @ Arsheesh: Thanks for your help with the rivers. If you look closely you can see where I named a very important river in my gaming world after you. Thanks.

    As always C&C accepted!!!

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    Wow cool, my very own river. Well whatever the case I like the new longitude and latitude lines, and the compass as well. They really help to complete this map. Great job on your first map A.R.


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    You probably don't want to hear this but that graticule (The "longitude and latitude lines") is REALLY screwy in several ways (Your compass rose is at one of the poles). I think you've confused the graticule and rhumb lines (Lines of constant bearing).

    I'd suggest you remove the elliptical "parallels" and declare that the "meridians" were really rhumb lines all along. Better yet, add a few more radiating sets of rhumb lines. Try to arrange them so that you can follow paths between them across the sea: so you want them near promontories, major ports, or channels, and you'll want them to share lines with each other. Arranging them at the vertices of an octagon, hexadecagon, or tricontakaidigon was common as it let each share a line with each other convergent point.

    These are examples of maps with rhumb lines:

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