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Thread: Continuous WIP

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    This latest map is beautiful! It is such a huge map, and I like the fact that you have started doing details on the smaller island in the south. It really begins to give you a sense of the scale here.

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    Thanks all for your kind comments!

    A few replies: (nudge me if I didn't get to you)

    This /is/ a blow-up of the original continent... But I cheated. Because I knew I would want to do details, I had originally done the continent outlines for the world map in illustrator. This let me select that single continent and the surrounding area and blow it up smoothly (so I am not in fact dealing with some unimaginably sized graphics file - although the .psd for the Labeled Illium is at 166 megs, which is pretty sizable as it is)...

    Regarding the difficulty in reading text: Yes. The file I posted is the jpg of the original, but at 50% scale. The larger file is /slightly/ easier to read, but one thing I've been playing with is how to get the text clearer without being to stylistically different. Currently I have glows around most of the text, in order to provide a contrast between the text and the glow / glow and the background. Open to suggestions.

    Re: Plasticity of the continents... Hmmmm.... I see it /slightly/ in the highlights. Perhaps I'll play with that a bit. (re: whoever suggested changing the highlight color - that's exactly my ploy, but I'll probably steer towards something in the world of the inner glow on the continet - a greenish color... Though yellow might work too)

    Thanks again, everyone. I'm working on my canal city currently, between other projects, but I may get back to this one when I have a free minute or 30.


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    great looking map. Like the beveled font nice touch. gives it an ancient Rome feel.

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