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Thread: [WIP] Unnamed continent for Magrathean (my first attempt at regional/world mapping)

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    How does "The Northeastern Peninsula of Droaam" sound? I put one of Tilt's super cool compass roses on there, slapped on a title. I think I can consider this stitched up and out the door. I'm going to put one up in the finished map section without the label (or my big silly name) which might be better for actual use in your campaign, too. It has been a lot of fun helping you out with this! Thanks for the opportunity.

    Finished map without crazy-huge gold label over here.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [WIP] Unnamed continent for Magrathean (my first attempt at regional/world mapping)-mapformagrathean-northeastern-droaam.jpg  
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    It sounds good. Thanks a ton for that!

    Here's a blog-thingy where i'm keeping the novel i'm writing based on the D&D campaign:
    Only chapter 1 completed and uploaded, but i've got the outlines of the following three chapters. I'm currently at my girlfriend's, but as soon as i get home i'll upload your map to the blog-thingy.

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