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Thread: WiP: Elsir Vale Region

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    farmland at this elevation: Patchwork of solid polygons filled with "vegetation colors".
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    Hey, Joshua: definite improvements in the map as it's evolving. Good work. I like the mountains much more--although tehy now appear as rough, rocks hills vs. mts. because 1) they are still not "Craggy" enough, and 2) the trees give a scale indication of much larger than perhaps you intend (on a large-scale map we should not be able to make out bough and leaf distinctions).

    I aslo like the river coloring s you did, although I think the sources of the rivers are too chunky; perhaps slim them down and suggest tributaries flowing in? Also on the river note, the two sources that combine above the "r" in "Elsir River" do not make sense: the flows collide, which would not happen in nature: either a lake should be inserted or the vee should be much more pronounced.

    Finally, the map is mainly soft, but the coasts at times have a hard edge which stands out. Perhaps blur that just a teeny tiny bit.

    Otherwise, nice map! I do not think the labels are distracting at all, either, BTW. I'd keep 'em. Take care,
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    Thanks for the tips everybody! I agree about the rivers, but the way I constructed the map, it might be a little difficult to adjust them at this point without recreating the entire landmass.

    At this point, I think I'm finished with this map. I might re-visit it later and fix it up, but frankly I'm tired of looking at right now. LOL

    Its not perfect, but its been a great learning experience and it has helped me to develop a personal style and workflow. I'm gonna keep all of this in mind when I create my next map and hopefully it will be more efficient. Again, thanks for the input folks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua_101 View Post
    Any opinions on how I can keep the labels (so my players can say "I wanna go to Marthton following the Kingsway") but make them look not so messy?
    One suggestion - try setting them to overlay or hard/soft light blend modes. any of those will allow more of the background colour to show through.

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