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Thread: The World of Perdith (for Karthis)

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    Wip The World of Perdith (for Karthis)

    I'll be working with Karthis on a few different regional maps, and with his permission, I've decided to post a WIP of the first one: a world called Perdith.

    I don't know much about the continents yet, and haven't actually started adding the different geographic regions/biomes (I'll jump on that as soon as I get them), but i thought I'd post my initial progress. The placement of the different textures is random at the moment, and will be adjusted and moved as Karthis recommends.

    So, I am especially looking for C&C on my color and texture choices at this point, general continent shaping, etc. Basically, criticism and recommendations for style rather than form, if you have them.
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