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Thread: Hand Drawn Map tips?

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    I like to generate my own names using this process. PS, if you like the article, you should save a copy as the original appears to have vanished into the aether.
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    Well, AutoREALM, a mapping program, comes with AutoNAME which provides all LotR names, lots of old languages (welsh, english, scottish) and different assortments.

    I don't use it as I'm trying to use GIMP now, but I usually combine two words into a completely new word. Some (maybe rather bad, but I thought they were good at the time xD) examples, in the mountain - Mehtunai, laketown - Ketwa, basin city - Sibayth, wrath ring - Grahnth, ring fortress - Tregos, east plain - Tesan, below Racin[mountain] - Lonae.

    I think synonyms work well too, like if you have an old forest, Elder Forest might work.

    Or just names that come to you, randomly out of your head.
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