Ok, I think someone here once told me double-posting is not an issue here, so here goes...

I tinkered on a bit, but I did not feel like adding an extensive legend like on the last two maps, this map is rather 'fancy'. Telling the viewer that a tree is a tree while it isn't an abstraction feels somewhat unneeded. I'd really like some feelings and views on this. It also had the pleasant side-effect of freeing up more space for flavour texts. It's supposed to be a handout for my D&D campaign.

This is the CG-exclusive version in English, so I've thought up a bunch of names, some quite stupid. The normal map will be in Dutch. I slightly darkened the mountains by adding in a bit of dark grey, and as Diamond suggested, I tried rotating the 'volcano' smoke a bit... I'm still not quite sure which direction I like better.

I also made a stupid error in setting up the map, resulting in a rather wacky scale. It's not a big issue though.

Dragons' Den-dragonsden_wip08.jpg