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Thread: Dead Man's Cove (in winter)

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    Wip Dead Man's Cove (in winter)

    OK, this actually goes along with the lite challenge for this month. I wanted to work up the caves exterior for the game and its a winter setting. I have been unhappy with all aireal view trees in winter I have done so far. Am I on the right track here? Out of my depth? Any suggestions?

    Dead Man's Cove (in winter)-pirate-cove-snow.jpg

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    You may want to lessen the opacity of the pattern you've got around the cove; it's a little distracting since it's so dark.

    As far as being "out of your depth" ... I'm a firm believer in the idea that we only grow when out of our depth, so don't worry whether you are ... maybe worry when you aren't!

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    I like the cliffs around the cove I haven't tried any winter scenes yet so I can't really help you there.

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