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Thread: The start of something big...

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    So, I seem to have done a bone-headed thing and accidentally deleted the map images from Photobucket that I'd linked here.

    I have a tendency to do "house cleaning" on my image galleries sometimes and, as in this case, sometimes I forget why things are there. Doh.

    Anyway... I'll be using this site's system instead going forward, so I know they won't get deleted...


    I'll eventually have something updated here anyway, so I guess we can just continue on from there.

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    Bummer. I just found this thread and was looking forward to the imagery.

    I enjoyed the discussion about feeling like your maps are lame. If Ascension can feel that way, then we all can feel that way.

    As a musician, I can hear all the flaws in my songs, but other people don't, and they really like 'em.

    I agree with others in here that just discussing WIPs really helps to pinpoint what is working and what isn't.

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