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Thread: Dawn of Worlds - Unnamed World

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    Default Dawn of Worlds - Unnamed World

    Okay, so this is the world that my group and I have been creating using the Dawn of Worlds cooperative world-building system ( We used this system because I wanted the entire party to have a stake in the world. This also means I don't have to explain anything to the players, they know the world as well as I do.

    Attached is the actual working map we've been using. You can actually read some of the city markers at full size. This map started as just an outline. Everything within the outer black lines was filled in my the group at the table using DoW, including the inland sea. I hope to soon have a typed version of the actual play-notes that describe who did what in which age. It'll basically be a white pages for my world.

    The other picture is my WiP digital version of the map.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask or comment.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Dawn of Worlds - Unnamed World-world.png   Dawn of Worlds - Unnamed World-dsc00614.jpg  
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    Dude, that looks beautiful. I love those vibrant colors, and the terrain looks fantastic.
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    I like your digital map. May I ask what you did to scar up the mountains and grassland and such?
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    Very nice, very clean.

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    As Bartmoss said - it's got a really lovely clean feel to it and the colours work really well!

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