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Thread: Pernith WIP (My first regional map)

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    Default Pernith WIP (My first regional map)

    Greetings everyone, I have been lurking here for some time now and thought I would show a map that I have been working on using Paint Shop Pro XI.

    I started with wilbur and generated this texture:
    Pernith WIP (My first regional map)-pernith-texture.png

    Then brought it into PSP and created my tree and mountain/hill areas after making it flat. I toyed with a realistic style, but for my campaign the hand drawn effect would work best:
    Pernith WIP (My first regional map)-pernith-wip-map.png

    using the java program "mapmaking" found here on the forums, I switched my tree mask for better rendered trees and adjusted my mountain brush.
    Pernith WIP (My first regional map)-pernith-wip-2-map.png

    Still a work in progress...but my first regional map.
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    Well that's great so far!

    I still can't do much myself, so I can't really give any usable input...

    I'd love to see this when it's done.

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    Very nice. It seems like a bit of wasted effort to generate all that nice terrain and then not use it but you ended up with a nice landmass. I really like the tree and mountain effects as well. The only thing I can offer is that the trees seem a little large for your hex grid. Nice work

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