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Thread: A return to making maps and an attempt to perfect a style

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    Looking real cool! I am getting a bit of a "Celtic" vibe from it, which is something I can always party with. I think it's mostly due to the large number of places with "Farne" in the name, and to the fact that you have an icon for "hollow hills" which is a very "sidhe mound" kind of thing. So I like it very much. Repped!

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    I too think the key looks great in the lower/middle area of the map. One thing you might do to improve the 'balance' of the whole thing is to move the scale bar directly beneath the key. You'd have to overlap that lower continent with it, thus covering up some details of that land mass, but it seems like the focus of the map is on the northern continent anyway. Maybe just 'generalize' the feel of the southern continent, with no mountains and less names, so the scale bar doesn't appear to cover up too much and/or look jarring with stuff poking out from underneath it.

    All in all though, a very awesome map. Mountains look especially good, and varying the line width on the coastlines was a good call.
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    Hello Sular

    I think you have resolved the always hard theme of mountain ranges quite good. Maybe the name colour is too strong. We avoid the black colour for names, and for me is the most attractive.

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