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Thread: couple of my latest maps

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    Wip couple of my latest maps

    Hi everyone! been a long time since i posted so i decided to upload some goodies:


    couple of my latest maps-scifi_universe_v3_still_wip_by_piemasterxl-d4hhzpy.jpg

    Pseudo fantasy/ ww1 ww2 era alternate world:

    couple of my latest maps-rights_of_man_universe_map_by_piemasterxl-d4i3s0w.jpg

    Post WW3 world:

    couple of my latest maps-post_war_earth_nations_by_piemasterxl-d4n6itn.jpg

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    Now ... for a post WW3 world we'd need a bit more description of what led to that state of affairs.

    However, your two world maps illustrate well the difference between fractal terrains and our world's terrain ... all those fractal terrain worlds strike me as though they are planets without plate tectonics and pretty random buckling responsible for the relief.

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