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Thread: [WIP] The Empires of Try & Error

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwarzkreuz View Post
    Congratulations. You are the first one who had seen the hidden cartoon portrait. Its mr. Burns from simpsons as an evil king. Well dire Lukc, choose your prizw
    It actually does look alot like that lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukc View Post
    It looks good, the compass rose. Fits in well. Only thing, you might want to age the painted gasmasks a little bit. They don't fit with the old rose.

    Is a Seedlung like a little seed of a city?
    I did write Siedlung, which means settlement, which is indeed a seed of a city.

    EDIT: I will pause this map for a while, and finished it later. I like to do other things first so dont wonder if this takes on longer.
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