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Thread: RETRY, new PHOTOSHOP world map.

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    Hey, your map markers are Zelda symbols! :D

    Artistic critique only from me, since I am geography-impaired: personally I think this is quite beautiful, but the texture in the ocean seens a little weird to my eyes; it's very sharply textured, like paint stippling. I guess that could be how an ocean looks from way up in the air (I have no idea! :p) but it just doesn't look all that watery to me. I'd go with something smoother. I guess it does provide a good contrast to the smoother land texture though, so maybe you'd keep it for that reason?

    Also, is the island over on the right side using a much higher contrast than the other areas? It looks to me like the textures were applied with different filters, which does make the mountains look sharper but also just generally makes the island look a bitout-of-place compared to the rest. In my opinion anyhow!
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    Beautiful map would you mind sharing your trade secret for rivers and lakes? I've been struggling with settings to make them smooth and not too harsh.

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