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Thread: The land of Andoria & Realm of Telrith - [unpaid] commission (WIP)

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    A few ideas that you might try:
    1. the Icevale
    Make the crags/spikes/whatever more spiky. More linear, sharper. That would look more like ice, in my view. The dunes/snowdrifts... I don't know. Less of them, I would say, and perhaps more in the style of a flat crested wave... windswept looking.
    2. dead lands
    Again, I would reduce the amount of bushes, and spread out the texture overall. Perhaps spread it out at the borders even more, so that it fades into the surrounding areas a little.
    The volcanoes are absolutely amazing, though!
    3. the cliffs
    Two things I would try here. First, get rid of the shading and add some shorter vertical lines of various length, so that they don't reach the top. Second, add a little vertical variation to the top line, so that it shows some "v" cuts.

    A lot of work for sure, but it was worth it, wasn't it? It is a stunningly wonderful map!

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    There are still places where your lowercase e's look like c's.

    This map is amazing though, I love how minimal it is while style having a distinct style.

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    This is really tremendous. As a great GM with no cartography skills, I'd be interested in a commission if you'd be! Brilliant work.

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