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Thread: World- and regionalmap

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    Map World- and regionalmap

    Hey here's my new worldmap (still under progress) and a regionalmap.

    World- and regionalmap-jalgiro-carz.jpg

    World- and regionalmap-worldmapcuviefinal2.jpg

    World- and regionalmap-creek-ville-sponge.jpg

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    Really like the world map! Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing it finished!

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    Well, your regional map mixes miles and kilometres, so right off I'd say that's one thing to be careful of, keeping your units constant. Otherwise, the map looks fine for a start, if a little bit bland - although it might just be my laptop screen - but the colours are very muted and the labels very discrete. If this is a style you're aiming for, then you're good with that. It really depends what information you are trying to convey at the world-map level.

    Your coastlines look good, if in places very fragmented - but suddenly, NW of your Gulf of Gods, you have a peninsula that seems just incredibly plain and the coastline looks artificial. So, that might need a bit of a tweak.

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    The basics are looking pretty good and shaping up well, but I will concur with Lukc on everything mentioned in the above post. The regionals look to be informative and practical, albeit lacking punch. And there are some labels/symbols on the world map that seem to unnecesarrily bump into edges. Solid starts all around.
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    I really like the shape of your continent, that couldbe a cool campaign area. Lots of sea travel and trade, for certain!

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