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Thread: WIP World Map, unnamed

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    Default WIP World Map, unnamed

    World map for my RPG campaign, don't have a name yet. This is my first map, and all of the tutorials here have been extremely helpful!

    Also, I haven't gotten to rivers yet, or forests beyond general ground color where they will likely eventually go.

    I am going for mostly realistic terrain features/biomes, but I want a nice variety of cool places for my players to eventually explore, so I have bent/broken rules in a few places. I'd be interested to see what people think!

    WIP World Map, unnamed-world_wip_1.jpg

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    This is pretty neat looking map. I like it. Just add those rivers, towns and other extra details and this is pretty much done. I really want to know what you used to make this map. I bet you used Photoshop. *is jealous of the art here*

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    Looks very good, especially for a first map. I really like the colours used.

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    This is a very nice start. Look forward to seeing it progress.


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    I might make the rest of the "icy north" a bit more jagged. Love the fjords, though. Favorite part of the map.
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