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Thread: WIP - Hand Drawn Style Dalradan Valley Map

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    I agree with Freodin r.e. the labels; additionally, the town/city/whatever icons are very low-key and hard to pick out. I didn't even realize they were markers at first - I thought they were like aging/ink spots on the map.
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    Yeah, I may choose different icons as well...I was using a brush set for map elements, probably one linked from a thread on the Mapping Resources forum here on the Cartographer's Guild site. When I go back to re-do this map I will definitely be looking at typography and iconography first and foremost...I think I also want to do the roads a bit differently, but we'll see. As it is, I was able to do this map in about 8-12 hours total work. Despite the iissues, I think it turned out fairly well for such a rushed project.
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