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Thread: Pilgrims Progress Map "Rough"

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    I think your pilgrim map would look great in either of those styles... which I love by the way... I am more partial to the sepia myself.... but rav made a good suggestion about combining the two having the route in color and the rest of the map washed in that sepia look... that would definitely bring a dream aspect to a realistic map...

    great handdrawn maps... great pen work as well...
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    I have been studying Pilgrim's Progress for years and find your map very interesting. It would be wonderful to have a map of the Journey. As another poster said - there are a lot of places mentioned that are not visited and there are actually two journeys - Part one and Part two where different places are visited. If you are not interested in reading the book for the details a list is easily gotten from a google search. The path is suppose to be straight - with some false by-paths - but the journey can also be depicted as an inward spiral. Something to think about !

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    Well, I have been working on this map on and off over the last year... (more off than on).

    Now that I have started getting the hang of the Photoshop method I have been developing I decided to take a shot at using the method on this map and so far I like it... still not too sure about the colors but the general layout works for me. I will need to beef up the resolution and test the method again but before long I hope to put up some tutorials for the mountain and ground painting I am using.

    Pilgrims Progress Map "Rough"-pilgrims_new1..jpg

    Comments, tips, critiques, and such are always welcome

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    Looks pretty cool, I dig the browns n greens and the shaded relief looks decent, too.
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    I'd say your well on your way to some nice maps.
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