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Thread: Antique (or faux antique) globe projection styles--what is this one called?

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    One of these perhaps?

    Pretty sure I remember having those simple sinusoidal ones in my grade school.

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    Or, poking around that great site that pythor linked to (when I *cough* should be doing other things. Like working), check out the Interrupted Sinu-Mollweide Projection at the bottom of this page:
    Might that be what you were remembering?

    Or the Maurer's "full-globular" map here?

    OK. have to close the site and get back to work now...

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    And why hasn't this amazing site been posted in the Reference section????

    Rep to you pythor for bringing it here!

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    Hmm, it turns out I was wrong, an interrupted Mollweide projection would give this shape if you chose the right interruptions and central meridians. It would be a rather odd way to interrupt it though. Split it into hemispheres would give you the same level of distortion with fewer breaks, or you could shift the CMs for the southern "outside" lobes from 180 to 135 degrees and get less distortion with the same interruptions.

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    @Ravells -- My sanity thanks you for the encouragement, as I keep wobbling back and forth between "It doesn't exist!" and "It does exist!"

    I keep finding interesting things that are kindasorta what I was hoping for, but after looking at as many images as I could in the past few days, I'm leaning towards the belief that I'm remembering one or more illustrations from fantasy or historical novels, rather than a real thing. For my purposes, though, real doesn't matter!

    My sanity and I have decided, however, that since my project contains different continents than our earth does, that of course their map projections would be interrupted in a different manner, and even of course that would make them think of different ways to logically project their world. So, if I want to, I can darn well make up my own method, although the more I look at it, the more I like this type of thing: Antique (or faux antique) globe projection styles--what is this one called?-mp_nicolosi-s60-e.png
    I think I will play with that, and see if I can find some way to interrupt it a wee bit.

    Now, I'm off to find software to help me play with continent placement. Luckily for me, the husband is an EE/mathematics PhD with the latest version of MatLab, and scaaaaads of experience using it!

    Oh, and the reason I haven't posted sooner is because ever since my first few posts, I've been spending all my spare time on the wonderful Progonos website! Thank you all for your help.

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