So long ago I drew this map for a rpg campaign I was GM'ing and I have made changes to it over the years.

This is the scanned version with some editing in paint
My fantasy setting world map-worldmap.png

This is the continent of Vehramia where all of my campaigns have taken place with some more editing to fit the new campaign and what had happened historically
My fantasy setting world map-vehramia.png

This is the island of Karramesh(southwestern Vehramia) where my newest campaign will take place
My fantasy setting world map-karramesh.png

On this last map of Karramesh I made it in GIMP and I tried using some tuts but I had to give up because I am a noob at it and I needed the map done cause I am starting as GM soon. I intend to make a sweeter looking map using the tuts when I get the time but I still wanted to share my work