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Thread: Assirra: The Land Of Hope

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtougas View Post
    The construction of the camp was well under way. Dalym Ler'rak had commanded that no trees be felled. the men of the expedition looked at him as if he had spoke the words of the mad. To them perhaps he had. They had brought "Merhas" the strong and weather resistant tents of the nomads of their homeland. He allowed his men to gather wood fallen by natural means to build with and for fires. He would not allow them to spoil the pristine beauty and purity of this land. He knew there was nothing he could do once the expedition ended and the Queen began to send colonists here, but for now he could protect this land.....

    Added a frame (or frames depending on how you look at it) and some text. I only added the one label but I am thinking of doing a "future" version of this with cities and towns. I think this is pretty much done and it was a fun little project. As always feedback is requested and appreciated

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    The filling of colors awesome.

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    Lovely work. I like what you've done with the title as well.


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    Thanks so much
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