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Thread: GIS'n your heart out?

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    Instructions for using GRASS:
    Step 1. Identify Problem.
    I need a map of mean househould income versus automobile ownership
    Step 2. Identify Intern
    That kid over there is trembling, pretending to be there, trying to not gather any assignments, must be an intern
    Step 3. Tell Intern to Make Map in GRASS
    Hey Intern, make me a map of househould income versus automobile ownership in GRASS
    Step 4. Run Away Before Intern can Ask How to Use GRASS.
    /me runs away quickly

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    Hmm... I think it might be best to just delete GRASS from my system and run while the running's good.

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    "He was found guilty to be in possession of grass."
    "GRASS the cartography program?"

    Adapted lines from Stoppard's "Arcadia". :-)
    Two in harmony surpass one in perfection

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