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Tough call. I think the idea of a very wet heavily rivered world has some pretty neat campaign ideas. Travel would actually be pretty quick I would think and tie various civilizations together easily. In fact, given the proximity of the coasts I could easily see heavy naval armadas as being more like river and coastal ships than seafaring vessels. It would build a really interesting history I think. If one civilization was able to build sturdy river vessels that could easily go upstream like paddle wheels they would have a serious advantage over the other civs. Yup. Lots of cool ideas come just from the over view map.
Hmm.. perhaps the only civilizations are on the rivers, with most people afraid to venture far into the inland areas( cannibalistic tribes, monsters, etc.) Lots of jungles with thick trees and heavy undergrowth to make overland travel very difficult which is why most of the towns and cities are on the rivers.