I'm back. I had lots of work to do back in March and April and only found time for my map in May.
So I guess it's time for an update of my work.

I just attached a WIP-Picture of my map as it looks like today.

Continental map of Nerrac-nerrac-map-state-progress.jpg

As you can see there are quite a lot things that haven't been there on the last pic I showed off.
First, I managed the problem of the small 'r' in the Country-name-font. I simply decided to write the names in big letters which also gives the font much more dignity and stability. I think that's quite suitable for country names.
Second, I added a road system in the east of the continent which will spread over to the south and west, in due course.
Third, I discovered many castles and citadels in the east.
Fourth, I created more names for the countries in the south and their capitals as well as for many places in the east, though a lot of names have still to be found.
Fifth, I changed the symbols for castles and fortifications so they all look like towers and castles and that stuff.
All those things are on different layers of course and could be shown individually.

My next project will be an economic layer with symbols for the countries economy.
My problem is that I'll need a lot of economic symbols to show the different things the countries produce. By this I mean symbols for the several sorts of corn, of cattle, of metals, of textils, of handcraft products and so on...
I hoped to find them here on the forum but at the moment the search function refuses to support me by delivering an error message.

If anyone could propose some good economic symbols, I'd be very happy and thankful.

Now I let you pause in awe of my work and you may ask any question you like.