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Thread: Kaidan Archipelago - updated maps

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    Very nice GP, somehow I missed this thread until just now so I read through the whole thing. I like how it turned out. I think it works very well for the setting you built and think it would serve very well.

    Thanks for posting the WIP and I'm glad I didn't miss it entirely.
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    So continuing work on the provincial maps of the Kaidan setting of Japanese horror for the Gamemaster's Guide to Kaidan (scheduled for release in Oct/Nov 2013), a question came up regarding some of the labeling nomenclature.

    The suffixes: -yama (means mountain), and -gawa/-kawa (means river), and most every mountain is suffixed with yama, while most rivers are suffixed with gawa or kawa. Should I still be labeing rivers with "R." after the name, and "Mt." before mountain names?

    I think, if my reader is educated enough on the Japanese language, this might seem redundant. However, trying to meet the expectations of less knowledgeable people (even though yama and gawa/kawa is discussed in the fluff of the productions). So I've opted to keep all the "Mt." for mountains and "R." for rivers.

    The posted map below is the province of Oniba, on the island of Yonshu (the smallest of the 3 large main isles of Kaidan). Oniba is the governing prefecture, under the surly hand of Lord Hachiwara - a very militant control freak (and a dread wight). The other 3 provinces of the island have authority figures in charge, however, none have the military might to defend themselves and relegate authority to Lord Hachiwara under certain circumstances. This province was where the bulk of the second and third modules of the Curse of the Golden Spear intro trilogy of adventures set in Kaidan, occurred.

    As an aside, the green labeled "Komushiokoku" near the center of the map in the forest area refers to a region of wooded marshland known as the "Kingdom of Flies". Komusihokoku is the transliteration of that name phrase.



    Kaidan Archipelago - updated maps-oniba.jpg
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