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Thread: Terra Patria - Novice Map Effort

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    A man after my own heart! My worldbuilding project is coming up on ten years, but I started when I was quite young and the continents have undergone some pretty cataclysmic revisions since then. I have a soft spot for hyper-realism and suffice it to say this is one of my favorite maps on the boards.

    I'm a bit late to the beginning of the thread, but I wanted to ask if you'd be willing to share your method for developing the coastlines. Firstly, well done! They're the best coastlines I've seen. They seem much too detailed and natural to be hand-drawn, but they don't look fractal or generated - there's a great variation between smooth, sweeping coast and squiggly rocky areas, and the island chains look like they're straight off a map. The whole thing looks incredibly earthlike and geographically realistic.

    This is something I've been struggling with for a while - I've experimented with sampling google maps data, cutting and pasting to make a coastline, but it's incredibly laborious and I worry a local might recognize their beach somewhere! Did you use any real-world geographic data, was Wilbur involved in the coast as well, or did you draw them by hand? I'd understand if you don't want to give away a secret, but I'd love some pointers if possible - thanks!

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    Beautiful in every step. Everything done with such great care, I'm a fan. I hope you will do a PS tutorial at some point

    P.S. History of your land is equally thrilling.
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    Really nice maps! I quite like the look you've achieved in Wilbur, very nice coloring. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

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    Wow, I can't tell you how relieved I am to have found this thread so soon after joining the forum. I recently discovered Wilbur and all the examples I've seen, as impressive as they are, don't have anywhere near as realistically scaled and shaped mountain ranges as what you presented here. You have demonstrated the software so well, that at least I know, if I use it right, I can get the results I want! I especially love the wispy looking ranges, you really get the same fluid look real mountains have from satellite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gumboot View Post
    Just an update on the middle section of the map. Ran the height map through Wilbur then created a texture map to test my progress.

    Attachment 54792
    Nice working going here. Maybe i am late, but can i call to stop the bus for a second? I have a question about Wilbur.
    How did you get all those wonderful shapes using Wilbur? To get the mountains and the "defined" rivers. Atm i am trying use like 10 levels of topography and blurring to get smooth levels but far to get too defined details like you did.

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    Any progress on this Gumboot? I was really liking where this was going.


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