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Thread: Equator Line - Does it have to define my world climate?

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    Hi All,

    Thank you very much for all your suggestions. I have read through them all a few times and have decided that my planet should be a little cooler than Earth in general, so Temperate at the equator with warm winds and ocean currents allowing for areas (at least south of the equator) to be warmer than is traditional. And AtomGuy, your suggestion is very poignant because my world does have a Sky Realm where massive winged creatures feed of the energy given off by the sun. Never thought about using it to shift the climate a few degrees. If anyone sees a problem with this please SHOUT !!!

    Thank you all once again.


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    i'll shout, but only cause it sounds great

    I love that people think more about the science behind the world, since i do the same thing.. i just think it's funny that we complain about something like temeratures and such, then turn around and say we have a sky realm the crazy world of a fantasy cartographer!
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