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Thread: First Map!

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    I love that green shield with the brown organic looking decal on it!! Are all the designs original?

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    Lovely work on the heraldic shields Miranda, looking forward to seeing them on the map.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Miranda Hartrampf View Post
    The only problem i could see with that is the fact that i don't actually foresee myself needing both crests.
    You might not need both, but keep in mind that in real world heraldry, when families or political entities combine, normally through marriage, then a common method is to combine the crests (Think of Spain's coat of arms for an extreme example). I'm not sure how far you are planning on taking the world, but using that rule makes a quick and easy way to multiply the number of crests you have as well as give some quick visual history.
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    Okay here is my first update on my actual map – not much I know but between working 6 days a week and being a mom there is only so much I can do in 24 hours!

    Comments on the lake placement would be nice; I think they work with the overall flow of the continents.

    Just to address the issue of the non-existent islands. The reasoning for that is this map – or what I believe this maps purpose is going to be – is for a story of mine. If that is the case then there are no islands that are relevant to the story line.

    First Map!-update-2.png
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