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Thread: Alnilham, Latest W.I.P.

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    I like that lower continent for some reason. It's kind of hard to see the thing as a whole with the sharp contrasts, but I like the direction it's going. The decision to put something on the top also serves well. Do you have any idea what the scale is here?

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    Well, I did some research on the net for width of mountains and rivers 1.79 miles wide for the Nile and 2 miles wide for Mnt. Ranier, 1 to 3 for the Blue Mountain right near me. When i scale the map in Fm8 to where the northern river system at or near its mouth is about as wide as the Nile and the mountains are within the BlueMountain/Rainier width range its ruler gives me about 510 miles for the original maps land width and about 350 miles from top to bottom. Not exact but, it seems to fit with the cultivated land patterns i added in there.

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