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Thread: Very first map attempt!

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    Wip River Updates!

    Okay, so I decided to nix the whole idea of the Soaring Sea actually flowing out completely to the ocean through the Valley, because it's just not realistic unless I totally alter the coastlines. So I decided to make the valley more of a settling point for lots of water - which makes more sense anyways with the massive lakes it contains. So here is the revised river setup. Not a whole lot changed - but I think it makes a huge difference. The map itself even looks more appealing to me for some reason (maybe because it agrees with the laws of liquid dynamics in my mind finally!) So here it is:

    Very first map attempt!-cotfs-world-map-v3-01.jpg

    And here's a version with the topo overlay - it really helps illustrate how much more authentic the water system feels:

    Very first map attempt!-cotfs-world-map-v3-02.jpg

    Thanks everyone for all the input so far. It's been very helpful. I still don't feel quite ready to tackle the terrain yet, but that is definitely the next portion on my radar. Based on the current look I have going, any advice on what terrain styling I should go with? I still can't decide on anything in that regard. Hopefully it will be something that is mouse-drawn friendly.

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    I like it. lots of colors is much better.

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