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Thread: The Long Night

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    I love it, and I'm a fan of the caterpilliars (since that seems to be the most polarizing issue here). I was wondering how you did the multiple outline effect on the coasts? It's really cool, and I'd like to play around with it.

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    Well now, that's pretty easy... Pilgrim [/John Wayne]

    I always start out with a black and white base map, where the land is white, the sea is black. I make a selection of the land on a new layer and blur it very slightly, so that the coastal rings/lines aren't too sharp and precise. I expand that selection by two pixels, fill it with white, set the fill of the layer to 0%, then add a 1-pixel interior stroke. The other two lines are made by making two more layers, expanding the selection to 4 pixels on the second layer, 6 pixels on the third layer.

    Then I make the innermost ring/line layer's opacity 75%, 50% on the second layer, 25% on the third layer. Then merge all three layers and you're done. Sometimes I'll lower the opacity of this merged layer a bit if it seems too dark.

    Edit: The black coastline sits on it's own layer; you may have to alter the depth of the initial selection to reflect how close you want the innermost line to be to the coast.
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    Count me as another fan of those mountains.

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    a very beutiful work, thanks for that

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