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Thread: Isolden (my 1st world map)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neyjour View Post
    Yes, I understand what you mean! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Here's a version with orangy/yellow highlights. I can't seem to get the results I want (and I'll probably fiddle with it some more) but hopefully this is a bit of an improvement. Of course, adding highlights bumped the brightness back up again. And I also darkened the terrain a bit more, which bumps the contrast up as well, but I think I like this dark/bright version. Gives it more of a dangerous, uninviting atmosphere, IMO.

    I'm still not sure if the lava (and that zone in general) is a bit too overpowering compared to everything else. It seems to draw my eye away from the rest of the map...although, maybe that's not exactly a bad thing. Ugh! I dunno. Some opinions on that would be much appreciated!
    Maybe make the lava a bit more subtle? Real lava doesn't pool as orange everywhere, there's always a black crust on top.

    Isolden (my 1st world map)-nyiragongo_lava1.jpg

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    The map is very good, and the colors are awesome. Wonderful work!

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    Althaen - Sorry for the late reply! I meant to respond back then, but got sidetracked and then completely forgot... I decided to leave the lava as-is. Since this is a fantasy environment, I wasn't too worried about it not being "real life" correct, and I really, really liked the idea of a large lake of bright molten/liquid lava. Here are a couple artworks that inspired that: prison by SebastianWagner / City of Dreams by Helga-Hertz

    JefBT - Thanks very much!

    I still have not labeled this (and don't know when I'll get the time to do it) so I went ahead and posted the unlabeled version in my deviantART gallery: Isolden [unlabeled]
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