Since your symbols visually stick up, you can help a viewer see the northern plateau by 'coloring outside the lines'. Let some stretches of northern plateau edge obscure the inner wave line at the coast, on E-W coasts. On N-S coastal bits, you might could draw both the clifftop and groove/ridgelines going down to the shore -- or near it, if you want a strip of sealevel coastal plain. It's a shame none of the northern coast has a southern view - unless that small peninsula jutting westward is part of the plateau? Then you can apply some of the near-edge art that you have among the south-of-plateau range.

Deft use of the brushes, by the way.

Your rivers do some very not-waterlike things. Have you taken a look at Redrobes' Most Excellent tutorial on How to get your rivers in the right place. It's practically guaranteed to improve your hydrologic realism ten-fold, as well as curing the common cold and getting your laundry whiter than white.

Oh, and welcome to the Guild - we appreciate newcomers starting right off with contributions! Worth a smidgen of reputation, that.