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Thread: Another attempt at a world map

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    Default Another attempt at a world map

    Hello. Some of you might remember that I was working on the shape of the continents to base my world in a few months ago. I scrapped my previous map, to go for something that could technically fit on a globe rather than just a square. Right now I'm just curious what others think of the world shape (again). I have avoided the poles so far, I am not sure if I want polar caps on either or both or neither poles yet, although I am definately missing some snowy lands (unless I just moved the "snowy" part closer to the equator). My problem is that I don't want to overcomplicate and crowd the map with more land masses (maybe?). Anyways! Any feedback is appreciated! The map is in Equirectangular projection and Ill post a couple of globe views as well.

    Also I should mention that the biome coloring is just a gradient to show approximate temperature zones, not actual biomes. Mountains are also just a base idea, very subject to change.

    Another attempt at a world map-newworld2014small.png

    Another attempt at a world map-round-world2.jpg

    Another attempt at a world map-round-world22.jpg
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    I really like your continent shapes. They look very stretched, as if I'm looking at them through a fish-eye lens, but projected onto a globe they look marvelous! Which reminds me: if you want polar / subpolar regions, you could just move your north and southpole around a bit - see what happens then!
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    I love it, those landforms are right up my alley.
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    I love the landforms! I'm looking forward to what you do with this!
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