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Thread: Lost in Isilek...

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    Wip Lost in Isilek...

    Hey all!

    For absolutely no reason other than fun I have decided to embark on a somewhat-epic world-building journey. Using GIMP and the incredible tutorials provided by guildmembers here I have made one continent on this imaginary world. It's been a steep learning curve for me but I couldn't have come even this far without the Cartographer's Guild. So, now I turn to you again. I'm having a bit of trouble on mountain placement - among others. The first image is what I have. The second image is where I would like the mountains, swamps, forests, etc. I'm just not sure how to get there from here. Ugh.
    Lost in Isilek...-jorgala-atlas.jpg Lost in Isilek...-jorgala-atlas-trial-wish.jpg
    The setting is high-fantasy but I would still like SOME realism represented on my maps. Feel free to comment, laugh, cajole, criticize and otherwise caper about the post. Help is, of course, appreciated.
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    You'll need wiser minds than mine for expert advice on river placement. I already like the direction you are going with this, your color and texture choices are both attractive to the eye. I'd consider two things, cleaning up your coast a bit, its a little over detailed now in a way that takes away from the coastlines, and unless its key to the story, modifying the land in the lower right, its oddly square.

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